Find a local Minergie expert

A high level of knowledge and experience is required for planning and application. Therefore, Minergie requires the involvement of a Minergie expert. Minergie experts are architects, planners or engineers who have completed a Minergie training and are therefore well acquainted with the technical requirements and the certification process. The following experts are accredited in Chile:

Name e-Mail address
Iván Suazo
Pamela Abarca Rivera
Juan Pablo Cárdenas
Marcelo Huenchuñir Bustos
María Fernanda Aguirre
Gabriela Sabadini
Paula Hevia
María Rocío Ruggeri 
Cristián Izquierdo
Fernando Marcone
Susana Loffredo
Claudio Riquelme
Fernando Díaz
Francisca Gómez

Become a Minergie expert

Minergie Chile is looking for local technical experts in the planning and construction sector. Minergie experts stand out with their know-how and expertise in sustainable and high-quality construction. At the same time, they get valuable accredited professional development accredited by the trustworthy Minergie label. To become an expert, you receive an extensive initial training and you will have to participate in the interactive classes and pass both stages of the basic course. On top, as an expert you are affiliated to the online expert directory and you are allowed to use the Minergie label in your communication activities.  

Benefits of Minergie experts

  • Access to Minergie trainings (fair prices)
  • Minergie network events are free of charge
  • Use of the label Minergie as proof of competence in sustainable construction
  • Listing in the Minergie online expert directory

Requirements for Minergie experts

  • To pass the self-study stage of the basic course "Building as a whole"
  • To pass the interactive classes stage of the basic course "Building as a whole"