Minergie Schweiz

Minergie Chile stands for: Reduced energy, high comfort and preserved value.

A Minergie certified building in Chile ..

... has stable and comfortable indoor temperatures reducing cooling or heating significantly. Heating costs can be reduced 2 to 3 times. 

... maintains a healthy and high indoor air quality. Fine particles and other forms of air pollution are filtered out and non-harmful to health building materials are used for a healthier indoor environment.

... is energy efficient and produces part of its own energy with solar installation on site. By achieving a CEV B category or above, the energy saving is 55% or more compared to reference buildings*.

... is climate-friendly. The high energy efficiency combined with renewable energy for heating and own power production guarantee very low CO2 emissions. This is also improved through the conscious use of local, renewable and recycled materials.

... is a profitable investment. Figures from Switzerland show the value of Minergie’s single- family homes is on average 7% higher compared to buildings of reference*.

*buildings that comply only with a minimal legal building standard.

Great benefits for everyone

The following four groups benefit of Minergie: the Houseowner, the Site developer, the public sector and the climate.