Minergie Schweiz

Minergie Chile

Minergie Chile represents an accessible standard for high-quality and sustainable buildings. Minergie is a Swiss concept but adapted to the Chilean construction market. It comes with a precise definition of a healthy and energy efficient construction and requirements for the building envelope and technology. Minergie certified buildings operate without any fossil-fuels to heats, are eco-friendly and provide a superior living comfort and working environment. Comfort means the protection of hot or cold temperatures without sacrificing daylight, and an excellent air. With concrete indications, pragmatic solutions and a confident control system from the planning until the realization, Minergie improves the investment security. Once the building is realized, Minergie as a protected label with international reputation guarantees a better value preservation.


Minergie has been developed over 20 years ago in Switzerland where it is nowadays by far the most demanded building standard. Thanks to Minergie, the Swiss construction sector has been able to reduce significantly its CO2 emissions. It is a true success story strongly linked to the close local ties and the cooperation with all stakeholders in the Swiss construction sector. Minergie Chile follows the same approach. It has been newly designed as a local standard aligned and integrable into Chile’s construction sector, especially by the use of the “Calificación Energética de Vivienda (CEV)” of the Chilean Ministry of Housing.  

Characteristics of Minergie Chile

  • Targets the combination of key technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy use within the framework of consistent building concepts such as good thermal insulation, airtightness of the building envelope and efficient solar shading of windows.
  • Corresponds to (at least) a B-Rating of the CEV.
  • Promotes a fossil-free operation of the building.  
  • Contributes to the decarbonization of the construction sector by the promotion of certified timber.
  • Fosters innovations in the construction sector that promote environmental compatibility, comfort and value retention. 
  • The standard and the certification process are simple and cost-effective.

Minergie Chile & timber

Minergie Chile promotes timber buildings with two elective requirements (E1.a and E1.b). Why?

  • Timber is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested in Chile.
  • Chile is one of the 10 most important timber producers in the world. 70% of industrial timber comes from plantations with sustainable management certifications.
  • Timber reduces the carbon footprint and gray energy compared to concrete buildings.
  • Timber brings physiological and psychological benefits for people, generating a more relaxing environment.
  • It is a highly industrializable material, which allows achieving high quality, reducing costs and optimizing construction times.

Examples of timber buildings